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  • Corporate

    As a NSW government agency, Parramatta Park Trust is governed by legislation enacted by the NSW Parliament.   Legislation Parramatta Park is a World Heritage Site and one of the oldest... Read more

  • Changes to parking fees

    The Parramatta Park Trust would like to advise visitors of changes to both long and short-stay parking managed by the Trust. The new fees will be effective from Monday 2 May 2016. Read more

  • Parramatta heritage rides

    Ponts of Parramatta Edition This free ride explores the more than 20 bridges, including 3 within Parramatta Park, between the head of the Parramatta River and the Silverwater Bridge. Join... Read more

  • Tour of the Dairy and Rangers Cottages

    Explore one of Australia's oldest colonial sites - the Dairy and Rangers Cottages, in the World Heritage-listed Parramatta Park. Our guided tour offers visitors a glimpse into the nation’s oldest buildings, which have... Read more

  • Walking and Cycling

    Parramatta Park is a beautiful setting for walking and cycling, whether you remain within the Park itself, or include it as one part of a longer ride. The... Read more

  • Fees and Charges

    The Trust charges venue hire fees and charges for the use of its parklands. The fees provide revenue to assist with the ongoing maintenance and improvement of the... Read more

  • Event Organiser's Toolkit

    The Event Organiser’s Toolkit provides guidelines for event organisers, promoters or hirers holding an event in Parramatta Park.  According to the size of your event, some or all of... Read more

  • Amusement Devices

    The event organiser, promoter or hirer must comply with the Amusement Devices Compliance Guide if providing amusement devices such as jumping castles and rides as part of their event. For... Read more

  • Charity Events

      The event organiser, promoter or hirer is responsible for obtaining an Authority to Fundraise from the NSW Fair Trading for all charitable fundraising activities.  To be considered for a... Read more

  • Communications (external)

    Depending on the scale of the event the following organisations will need notification about the event:  • NSW Police Local Area Command, all event organisers must send a notice... Read more


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