NOTICE OF CHANGED TRAFFIC CONDITIONS: Please note, Parramatta Park will a pedestrian zone for Australia Day 2018 event. The Park will be car and cycle free from 1pm on Thursday 25 January to 2am on Saturday 27 January. There will be no parking inside the Park from 1pm on Thursday. We encourage the use of public transport. Access will reopen to vehicles on Saturday 27 January 2018 at 6am. Thank you - PPT

Parramatta Park

Group Fitness and Personal Training

The Park welcomes personal training sessions or group fitness classes, however, due to the large number of commercial trainers using outdoor space and related issues of community concern, we regulate such use.

Please see our FAQs for more information.

Refer to our Parramatta Park Personal Training & Fitness Group Policy for detailed information on operating your personal training and fitness group classes in Parramatta Park, including fees, permit time frames and permit renewals.

Download our Parramatta Park Personal Training and Fitness Group Areas Map showing the different zones available for use in Parramatta Park.

Complete the Parramatta Park Personal Trainer Permit Application Form with all relevant paperwork to apply for a personal training and fitness group permit.

For more information, email


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