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  • Insurance

    The event organiser (Applicant), will be required to provide a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance that will be current at the time of the event, should... Read more

  • Lighting Plan

    Events that finish after sunset will require a lighting plan as part of the crowd management plan particularly crowd egress. Adequate lighting is also required for bump out work.  Event... Read more

  • Noise Management

    The following applies to all major events held in Parramatta Park. Please check with our event management team for the guidelines applicable to your event.   The Trust’s Noise... Read more

  • Park Act and Regulation

    Parramatta Park Trust Act [] Parramatta Park Trust Regulation[]   Read more

  • Pyrotechnical Plan

    The event organiser, promoter or hirer must engage a licensed pyrotechnician for all pyrotechnical displays.  The licensed pyrotechnician must complete a WorkCover Notification of pyrotechnics/fireworks display form as a condition... Read more

  • Security, Crowd Management and Emergency

    The event organiser, promoter or hirer must provide a Security Management Plan and Emergency Management Plan.  1. Security and Crowd Management Plan The event organiser, promoter or hirer must... Read more

  • Site Safety and Risk Management

    The event organiser, promoter or hirer must provide a risk assessment identifying the hazards of an event site and how they can be controlled to minimise the potential... Read more

  • Traffic Management Plan

    Where required the event organiser, promoter or hirer must provide a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) to ensure pedestrian and vehicle safety and management during an event, including the bump... Read more

  • Waste Management Plan

    Large-scale public events can generate a high volume of disposable materials. A waste wise event incorporates purchasing and packaging policies, waste and recycling collection systems, and clean-up practices that... Read more

  • Next Steps

    The Trust assesses each event on its merits, to determine if it is appropriate for the Park and can be accommodated in the Park's calendar of activities. The... Read more


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