Parramatta Park

Board and Executive

Parramatta Park Trust is a statutory body established under the provisions of the Parramatta Park Trust Act 2001 to manage and control the Trust lands known as Parramatta Park. The Minister for Environment is the responsible Minister for the Act.

The objectives of the Trust include:

  • To maintain and improve the Trust lands.

  • To encourage the use and enjoyment of the Trust lands by the public by promoting the recreational, historical, scientific, educational and cultural heritage value of the lands.

  • To ensure the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage values of the Trust lands and the protection of the environment within those lands.

Board of Trustees


Member Appointment
Lyall Gorman, Chairman Appointed June 2017
Josephine Sukkar  Appointed June 2017
 Peter Johnson Appointed August 2016
 Jane Witter Appointed August 2016
 Stephanie Dale Appointed December 2012
 Stewart Thompson Appointed October 2012
 Phillip Bates AM Appointed October 2012


Management Structure

Suellen Fitzgerald - Executive Director

The Executive Director, Suellen Fitzgerald, is responsible for the day-to-day management of Parramatta Park Trust in accordance with the general directions of the Parramatta Park Trust Board.

Currently reporting to the Director are four main management units:

Joanna Savill - Director, Business Development
Joshua French - Director, Parklands Development and Strategy
Jacob Messer - Director, Operations and Visitor Services
Kerry Jahangir - Director, Finance and Property

If you would like to contact any of these Directors, please phone the Trust's office on 9895 7500.


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