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Mays Hill Precinct Master Plan FAQs

Who owns and manages the Mays Hill Precinct land?

The Precinct is part of Parramatta Park and is owned and managed by the Parramatta Park Trust.

 Why is a Master Plan being prepared for the Mays Hill Precinct?

Three quarters of the Precinct was used as a golf course from 1957 to 2015 which limited public access and use. The remainder of the Precinct is grassed areas used as sporting fields by local schools and sporting groups. Currently there are limited pedestrian routes and no recreational facilities and amenities in the Precinct such as picnic areas, playgrounds, and toilets.

There is now an opportunity to provide for a diverse range of recreation and leisure activities in the Precinct to complement the wider Parramatta Park.

The Parramatta Park Trust with a team of consultants will prepare the Master Plan for the Precinct.  

Will the new City of Parramatta aquatic facility be located within the Mays Hill Precinct?

In June 2016 the NSW Government announced the Mays Hill Precinct as the preferred location for a new aquatic facility to replace the Parramatta Swimming Centre, which will close at the end of March 2017 to facilitate the construction of the Government’s new Western Sydney Stadium.

City of Parramatta Council undertook a draft site suitability assessment in late 2016 which identified two potential site options within the Mays Hill Precinct and further analysis is being conducted to confirm a new aquatic facility location.

Council will undertake detailed planning for the new aquatic facility which will include development options, financial analysis and identifying the community’s current and future needs – all of which will influence the selection of an appropriate aquatic facility site.

The final site suitability assessment will form part of the Parramatta Part Trust’s Mays Hill Master Plan and City of Parramatta will work closely with the Trust to ensure the best outcome for the Precinct and future community users. 

What is the process for planning of the new aquatic facility and how can I get involved?

The City of Parramatta Council will be conducting community consultation as part of their design process around the new aquatic facility. 

To contact Council and register to receive updates on planning for a new facility, including opportunities to participate in community consultation, please email or phone 1300 617 058. 

What will the future Mays Hill Precinct look like?

This question cannot be answered at this stage. During the design process we will ask the community to help co-design the space by providing ideas and feedback.

In developing the Master Plan consideration will be given to the unique features of the Precinct such as the natural and heritage features of the Precinct, and increased diversity of recreation and leisure facilities and activities.

Will the amount of open space in Parramatta Park be reduced?

No. The previously closed off Mays Hill Precinct due to its former use as a golf course will be transformed for use by the wider community, creating more usable space. This is important because the residential and working Parramatta population is expected to increase substantially over the coming years putting pressure on existing recreation facilities and open spaces. Mays Hill Precinct is perfectly located to cater to existing and new communities. 

The Parramatta Park Trust will ensure that there is no overall loss of public open space in Parramatta Park as a result of the new Western Sydney Stadium. Land held by Venues NSW surplus to the Stadium development will transfer to the Trust ensuring open space in the north and south of the Park will be available for community enjoyment into the future. 

What will happen to the memorial walk and plaque for Mrs Prabha Kumar?

The walk and plaque that was erected in Mrs Prabha Kumar’s memory will be incorporated into the Master Plan ensuring it will remain protected for the future and honour her memory. 

When will the Master Plan be completed and implemented?

The Master Plan is expected to be completed in September 2017. Parramatta Park Trust will then determine how best to stage delivery of the works over the coming years, and seek NSW Government funding. 

Will the Master Plan for the Precinct be delivered all at once?

Works will be delivered as funding becomes available from the NSW Government in line with priorities determined by the Master Plan process. 

What sort of ideas is the Trust looking for?

We are seeking ideas from the community that will make the Precinct an important recreation and leisure destination for you. We want you to think about what may be missing in Parramatta Park and identify the uses and activities you would like to see in the Park. This could include sports fields or courts or other outdoor facilities, facilities for children and young people, outdoor fitness equipment, a café, temporary uses such as markets or cinema, a dog off leash area, or picnic areas. 

We want you to think broadly about what you would like to experience at the Mays Hill Precinct and what is missing in Parramatta Park that could be included in the Precinct. 

How can I get involved?

Broad community consultation is crucial to the successful planning of the Precinct and we encourage you to get involved. There will be opportunities to meet the design team in the Park or provide your comments by phone or email. Our newsletters will keep you informed about when and where you can have your say. 

For enquires, or to sign up for our newsletter, call our consultation team, on 9232 9500 between 9am and 5 pm Monday to Friday or email and we will respond to you.


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